About Ilan Halfon

Ilan Halfon was born in the Middle East. At age 17 he had a life changing encounter that would forever transform him and his diet. He shed 60 pounds and by age 20 changed careers to become a spinning instructor and certified Gym and Wellness Coach. Ilan became one of the most in-demand spinning instructors in Israel, coaching hundreds of people a week. He spent time in India, Thailand, Europe, and the United States, before finally immigrating to Canada in 2005 where he certified as a yoga instructor.

In 2009 Ilan moved to Toronto, where he founded FitMeEverywhere personal training and trainers school, become certified as a Sports Nutritionist, switched to a vegan lifestyle and wrote the book, ‘Dangerous Love,’ to inspire and teach his clients and others how to let go of their love for junk food, eat right, get more energy and lose weight naturally. Ilan once ran 450 km (280 miles) in 28 days to raise money for charity, dedicated a year to living off a pure raw vegan diet, and 2014 competes in male physique competitions based on plant based diets winning first place. During this days Ilan is working on his two new books; philosophy of a personal trainer and it is F****** hard – but we can do it!

October 18, 2017