Customized Personal Training

What is Mobile Personal Trainer (MPT)?

Mobile Personal Trainer is customized training and gym service wherever you want. Whether it is your home, your backyard or your favorite park. Exercise sessions are customized according to your needs.

A personal trainer male or female is assigned to assist you in reaching your goals. These training sessions are worked upon your ability, health, strength, and weaknesses.


The responsibility of MPT is to work promptly. They are required to deal with their clients professionally and handle them according to their fitness levels. Punctuality and knowledge about body anatomy are the keys.

A personal trainer should know about the different muscles in the body and what exercise would implement changes in them.

If you cannot afford a gym, personal training is all about you. Time efficiency and personal attention are what you get to learn the most.

You trainers should be at your doors at the exact time as fitness does not entertain miss-management of time.

The exercises you are being taught are supposed to be in an interesting and exciting manner so that you stay motivated throughout your training.

Programs and sessions are designed uniquely according to the client’s body shape and medical conditions. Through MPT the client gets to enjoy the personal and fair attention of their trainer.

Our Personal Training Philosophy

A personal trainer is all about his client. Here, I want to share what is my personal philosophy about this occupation.

You need to stay positive and know that your service has no limit. You should know all about what your trainee requires and needs to make their lives better. Training does not have space for judgments; you should only have your heart on empowering. No work is small, try to achieve every milestone in your way.

A trainer is responsible in setting up people’s mind and gets them to work even if they are not in a mood. Make them believe by showing them what they can achieve with doing something they do not think they can do.

If you’ll help others in your professional, others will help and benefit you. Many mishaps happen and the trainings get cancelled last minute. Do the best you can to make it possible and do not skip any day’s routine. Do not complex your exercises, instead make them fun and creative for the client to enjoy a healthy life. Never stop implementing on yourself what you teach others.

Before starting know your clients abilities and strength and lead them according to it. Always maintain your health and be flexible. You should be already prepared to face certain conditions. Never keep money your target.

You should not leak or discuss about your clients to someone else or your other clients. If you are the personal trainer, keep it personal. Always welcome your client and be respectful towards them as they are the source of your bread and butter.

February 5, 2014