How To Know The Exercise Best For Your Body And Mind Needs?

Our body, at list the way I see it, is a great reflection of our being.

It reflects our life story, it reflects our potential, emotionally and mentally, it reflects our fears, our energy and if we look closely even our state of mind.

Doing what I am doing for so many years have given me the privilege to observe people close enough to see more then what most of us see in ourselves.  And that got me to think about workouts, yoga, activities etc.

Most people who take the pat of working out don’t always know exactly what they want (losing weight, for me is not really knowing what you want) they might have a dream, they might have a desire, but they don’t really know what they want or why they wish for it, which by itself is en essential to anyone’s journey.   So even if they know what needs to be done to get it and might even start doing so, in most cases, they fail to maintain the action for a long period of time.

So what I am trying to say here is that maybe it is time to look beyond what we want and desire, and find out what it is that our mind and body actually need.  It is very important to look at them separately and not unite, because, unfortunately in most cases the two are so far apart from each other, yet, so much alike.

For example: a body who his/her muscles are so tight, they can barely bend forward down, without aces and pain, their level of mobility is quite limited and they are lucking full range of motion. Most cases, this kind of a body will carry a person who is stubborn, it is my way or the high way kind of a deal, strong person but not really mentally flexible, or even emotionally strong, in most cases will be quick to get angry and sometimes over dramatic. Excuse me for generalizing here, but it is just to kind of giving us the understanding, that in most cases, this kind of person in most cases will look to get into weight lifting, build muscle and will be under the impression that he/she needs to be stronger, which they are absolutely right, they do need to be stronger, but the approach might benefit them much more if they would have gotten to a different kind of activity.

Pillaties, Yoga, stretching combined with aerobic activities will get them stronger yet, mentally lighter.

We can go farther and look in much more depth about many other body types and personas, but I think you got my point.

So whatever it is that you are about to take on, Ask yourself;

What are the things that my body need?

What are the things that my mind need?

Those two questions are a good place to start, but please don’t limit yourself only for those two. I am just trying to give you some tools to explore your being and strive to have a better version of the great that you are.

Don’t ask yourself what your body can do for you, don’t ask yourself what your mind can think for your, ask yourself, who is it that you need to be to think for your mind and to perform for your body.

Your truly Ilan FitMeEveryWhere