Stop – End Your Battle And Start Live Life.

If you listen to your body but not your mind and emotions, you might get physically hurt.

If you listen to your emotions but not your mind and your body, you might end up in a big drama.

If you listen to your mind but not your body and emotions, you might end up losing yourself.

When you hear your body, emotions and mind at the same time, trying to get them quite by responding to their voice instantly, you might end up miserable, frustrated…
But if you stop, you pose

If you listen to your breath, really listen, you’ll hear the sound of your inner peace. It might take time, it might require practice, but it is there, all you need to do is stop. Mute and then listen.
Stop moving so much, mute the sound of your mind and simply listen.
So what the practice is all about:
Feed your body with pure food, as close as you can to the freshness and the source of it, such as seeds, fruits, veggies.
Feed your emotions with pure vibes, go run, exercise, maybe good music that you can dance to, art, and other things that can move you from the inside.
Feed your mind with pure thoughts, without selfish thoughts.
And as you practice, be aware of magic that happens. It’s already there, and now that you are aware of it, you can chose to be the “magician”, the creator of your life.

Yours Truly Ilan FitMeEveryWhere
Serenity Om.