Surya Namaskar Practice Challenge

One of the most common sets of yoga asanas is Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation, personally with the years it become one of my favorite.

In one set of Surya namaskar, we are getting some incredible benefits on few levels.

Physically – it is working on improving: mobility and flexibility, strengthening the muscles; legs, arms, chest, and back. Great work on coordination and while performing correctly, improving stamina.

Breathing – when performing Surya Namaskar with awareness on breathing (which makes the practice even harder) you are improving your ability to control or to be more aware on your breath.

Energy – Increasing level of energy can help with feeling better with ourselves and more energetic.

Mentally – While at the beginning it could be of a mental challenge, maintaining the practice and making it part of your daily routine, it simply helps to increase level of confidence, improving the ability to focus, and control one’s mind (obviously that requires more than few times of practice).

Those benefits are some of the reasons I have decided to call on SURYA NAMASKAR challenge.

So what does that mean?

Basically it means for the next 30 days we practice 108 times Surya Namaskar (depends on your level of practice with yoga).

If you consider yourself a beginner you can start with 18 times or 36, but if you consider yourself mid to advance lets breathe it with 108 times.

If you choose to take up on the challenge, please remember the following:

Begin with centering yourself prior, stand still and gently breathe, clear your mind and allow your body, mind and energy to focus on the practice.

At the end of the practice, take between 5 to 10 minutes of Shavasana, lie down and allow your body and mind to relax, it is very important to create those transitions between our practices to our daily activities.

Please keep yourself tune to your body and don’t over push yourself, this challenge is more than a physical workout if any, it is a whole being practice, so let’s be the best of it.

Yours Truly FitMeEveryWhere. Namaste