To Fruit Or Not Fruit? That Is The Question!

Well. Let me start by saying. TO FRUIT. And please fruit it up.

Lately I am hearing more and more people declaring that they don’t eat fruits because they don’t like them.

Personally I don’t really get it, as a lover of fruit and veggies. I was never really “fruitophob” (my kind of word) because I think that those who are not allergic to fruit could be afraid of the sugar content in fruits. I think that most of them tainted their brain that fruits are fattening.

Well, yes, fruit are high in sugar, but, they are also high with vitamins and minerals, fibers. Fruit can actually help to change your mood, if you feel a bit down, or lucking in energy, try having a slice of watermelon, or an apple, and see how you feel.

Most people, who avoid fruits because they so called “don’t like” them, would take a piece of cake or a cookie before they will even think of having a fruit.

But let me tell you this, as someone who is having 6-7 bananas a day (1 serving = 140 g (1 large)

  • High in potassium (500 mg per serving)
  • Source of Vitamin C (15% Recommended Daily Intake per serving)
  • Source of fibre (3 g per serving)
  • Sodium-free (0 mg per serving)
  • Fat-free (0 g per serving)

, apple (1 serving = 140 g (1 medium)

  • Source of Vitamin C (6% Recommended Daily Intake per serving)
  • High in fibre (3 g per serving)
  • Sodium-free (1 mg per serving)

Or a peach (1 serving = 140 g (1 medium)

  • Source of Vitamin C (15 % Recommended Daily Intake per serving)
  • Sodium-free (0 mg per serving)
  • Fat-free (0 g per serving)

are regularly in my salads, kiwi (1 serving = 140 g (2 medium)

  • Very high in Vitamin C (220% Recommended Daily Intake per serving)
  • Good source of potassium (430 mg per serving)
  • High source of fibre (4 g per serving)
  • Low in fat (1 mg per serving)

When I can find it, mango and so on and on, I can grantee you, once you change your habits and phobias of fruits, your life will never be the same.

Small tip: Try finishing your meal, or maybe even start your meal with a slice of fruit, such as green apple, cantaloupe, kiwi etc. You can keep fruit out of refrigerator for an hour or so before you eat it, incase coldness is not your thing.

You can blend pineapple with ice and bit of almond milk and indulge yourself with an outstanding smoothie.
The verities are endless; open your mind and FRUIT IT UP.

Here is a link with some great fruit info

Yours truly Ilan FitMe