FitMeEverywhere Trainers School

To begin with; why trainers school and who is it for?

Looking backwards to the beginning of my career, aside to drive and passion to do it, I had nothing else. Didn’t really know where and how to begin. Even after getting my wellness coach certification I was stumbling with how to start.
After over 20 years in the wellness and fitness industry I know that my experience and knowledge must be shared to contribute to anyone who wishes to grow a career as a mobile personal trainer.

Level one Certified Mobile Personal Trainer course is suited for anyone who has a tracking record of working out for at list 2 years with 2 – 3 times a week continuously. The course is loaded with hands on training, so you gain knowledge theoretically and practically at the same time.

About the Certificate

• Introduction/Understanding personal training
• Creating and combining exercises into full balanced workouts based on trainees needs.
• Sports Nutrition, Kickboxing, stretching, Bosu workouts.
• Where to begin once completing FitMeEveryWher CMPT
• Hands on Personal Training

Once completing the program, you will be ready to start your own CMPT business.

September 12, 2017