Yoga Thoughts

Every morning and every time I go on the mat for my daily Yoga practice, I pray for three simple things, that could be challenging to simply maintain.

First, I pray to have the child in me to join the practice, then I ask the wise in me to watch us closely, then I pray to have my fait, my trust.
All the 3 together, makes the practice an unforgettable experience.

The child will help us to keep it light and fun, to try to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone in the asanas to explore our mental limitations.

The wise within us, will make sure to keep the practice as graceful as grace can visit, and will tune down the ego within our child.

Faith or trust, my precious state of mind, will allow the energy, the breath, the yoga, the “God”, whatever it is you wish to call it that flows within you, to complete the pose.

So when you practice on the mat or in life, it is the same, consider carrying with you:

Yours truly.
Ilan serenity om.

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